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Henna Hut® is "Americas" best selling all natural henna hair color or "henna hair dye" products for men and women. We do not add any chemicals to our hair and beard dyes. So when we say all natural hair dye or natural hair colors we mean it.

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Welcome To Henna Hut® 
Award Winning Chemical Free Professional Henna Products Hair Dyes and Beard Dyes- With Out the burn.
Cover The Gray The Natural Way!®

No waiting for the product to release! Mix and apply!
No leaving on for hours!
Do your hair, beard, eyebrows and sideburns!

No chemicals!

Henna Hair Products That Makes You Go Wow!
Cover the gray the natural way!®
Welcome to Henna Hut "Americas" number one selling all natural henna hair dye products for men and women. Here on this page you can learn about and purchase henna products. All of our products are chemical free and have no metals or ammonia and comes straight from Mother Nature. So when we say all natural hair dye or all natural hair colors we mean it. Henna Hut is committed to chemical free dark staining Harvest Moon Henna ® and as always is triple cloth sifted. We ship daily.
Award Winning Henna and Natural hair Dye

Why Choose Harvest Moon® Hair and Beard Dye?

1.   We do not add any chemicals to our dyes or products, it is vegan.
2.   You do not have to add anything to the mix! Just add water and apply.
3.   No waiting for your henna to release!
4.   You will not find a fresher henna or hair dye. Our hair dyes are double sealed with two pouches.
5.   Our henna does not come in blocks, it comes triple cloth sifted for simplicity and quality.
6.   No microwave needed
7.   No boiling or adding other ingredients.
8.   One step process.
9.   Pre-mixed Colors.
10. You can use it as often as you like.
11. Works fast and is permanent.
12. Works wonderful on hair, beards, eyebrows and side-burns.
13. Safe for you, the family and the environment.
14. Great customer service. We answer emails 7 days a week and phone calls Monday - Friday.

Top 22 reasons to use Harvest Moon henna hair dye!

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To learn more about henna and the wonderful things it is used for please go here. Is Henna safe? What can you use henna for? Where does henna come from?

Indigo is what we use to make our jeans blue and our hair black. Learn more about Indigo hair dye and how you can use it to dye your hair.

Henna Powder is used for many things. Here you can learn about and purchase this wonderful powder. Harvest Moon is 100% all natural and chemical free. We do not add chemicals, salts or metals.

All Natural Hair Dye

Not only is it from Mother Nature, it is safe for Mother Nature. You can save the planet and your hair at the same time. Millions of chemicals are dumped down our drains every year. Never will you find a product so good for your hair and your environment. Be very weary of those that claim their product is natural. If it has ammonia it is not natural! If it has alcohol, it is not natural! Learn more about our all natural hair dye.

Henna shampoo is a non staining shampoo that rejuvenates your hair and scalp. Click here to learn more about henna shampoo.

Henna Hair Dye
Hair Dye For Men and Women
Sulfate Free Shampoo
Sulfate Free Shampoos

Henna Top 10

Natural Beard Dye
Natural Beard Dye
Pure Henna Powder
Pure Henna Powder
Henna is Planet Friendly

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