Henna Myths

I wanted to share one of the biggest myth’s about Harvest Moon hair dye.

Can I switch from henna back to chemical hair dye?

People are worried they cannot go back to chemicals. Fact is you can.

Most of you are allergic to chemicals so you will never want to go back, however the smaller percent might want to and we want you to know it is OK.
Please keep in mind going from one extreme to another is hard even using chemicals. Meaning if you go black and then want to go all blond, now matter which one you use will take a few times. Anything else should be fine.
We have so many salons telling us they are having more and more people that have allergic reactions to chemical dyes so many are switching to henna. The more that learn, the more that switch.

To learn about the top 10 myth’s when it comes to henna and hair dye, you can read this article “Top 10 henna hair dye myth’s”.

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  1. Zariah says

    sorry this is maybe not the exact place to post my Q’s– but i had the hardest time trying to locate one on this site!
    what is the real difference between natural red and natural deep red?
    can i pre-mix some diluted henna paste in a pointy-tipped squeeze bottle (like those mustard squeezers) and keep it in the fridge, so i can re-touch my roots every week or two conveniently?
    thanks for your answers! 🙂

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