How to mix body art henna paste

Mixing Pure Henna for Body Art:

You will need:

Pastry bag (carrot bag)
Scotch tape
Lemon (if desired, shelly oil will work better)

1.  Mix pure Harvest Moon® Henna powder in warm water with 1/2 bottle of Shelly oil and let sit for 1-24 hours (1 to 1 ¼ cup of water per 100 grams). If you mix less, just use less shelly oil and water. You want the paste to be thick and not runny. It is important it flows smoothly through the applicator. A small amount of shelly oil gos a long way!
2.  You can add fresh squeezed lemon juice to the mixture (if desired). Lemon is not needed and Shelly oil is better. Once the paste is ready, fill the henna cones. You can use a pastry bag to fill the cones. Fill a pastry bag first and cut the tip small enough to let air flow and henna flow to the tip. Fill the pastry bag by simply putting it in a tall glass stretching the edges over the glass and spoon in. Press down to bottom of bag, twisting the top. Then stick tip of pastry bag down as far as you can on henna cone and squeeze until henna cone is filled 3/4 of the way. You want to leave enough space to fold down the top of the henna cone starting from sides first, then roll down and tape it. Cutting the tip (size of a sewing pin) will allow the henna to be squeezed to the tip (you can also do it without cutting the tip if you want to save it for later). Once you are finished you can cut the tip for the correct thickness of line you desire. A wider tip is great for filling big areas, smaller is great for fine lines and you can use a sewing pin to seal the tip for later use.
3.  Clean the part of the body where henna is to be applied & apply a thin layer of shelly oil to the skin.
4.  Make attractive designs on hands,body or feet with the help of templates or stencils to make art with a ball point pen and trace. You can also use transfer paper like they use with real tattoos.
5.  Let the paste sit for 1-3 hours or until the paste flakes off naturally (you can sprits with water to make it not dry as to quickly).
6.  Apply another thin layer of Shelly oil when removing henna or henna has flaked off. (This will darken the stain even more)


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