New Natural Blond

Here is a sample of the new Harvest Moon® blond! Not only is a beautiful color but it is permanent and it is a awesome conditioner! Could you ever imagine getting blond from henna? We sure didn’t and it was a total accident when we discovered it. Yes you do see correctly, it is 2 shades! Ash blond and beach blond henna dye for hair.


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      • Carlene says

        What is the difference in the formulation of Beach Blonde and Harvest Blonde? Are they both a ratio of 3 parts Amla to 1 part Henna or are they slightly different in the percentage of henna? Thankyou. I can’t wait until you have the Beach Blonde available as it is the perfect shade for me. Thanks.

        • Susan says

          I am doing it now… starting with henna hair.. natural color dark blonde level… and ive used all henna hut colors over the years… deep red and burgundy faded (because underneath I had used a bleach long ago) to the natural orange henna color…on a reddish blonde level… and I am now doing the ashier blonde shade on top to tone it down..,… ill post leaving it on two hours. just a guess…I have back up henna hut color in case it comes out wrong.. I have burgundy mahogany light brown and dark brown here to use ….. cuz I love them all… I use the dark on my eyebrows as well….I did the 3 parts amla to one henna…

  1. Mary Herman says

    I can hardly wait to try your new blond shades….I was wondering if Beach Blond and Harvest Blond could be mixed for an in-between color? My hair is naturally light ash brown but getting more & more gray around my face. Since I have been using Henna Hut Light Brown should I try to remove it before using the lighter shade? Can a color be removed with mineral oil? So excited to try your new henna colors!!! Thanks

  2. angie says

    These are only for already blonde hair right? Mine is very dark with some graying but bleached to platinum currently. (New to henna)

  3. Stephanie says

    When using the beach blond mix, do you have to be careful when reapplying on the new-growth roots? Will overlap of this henna mix create a second (darker) color?

    • moondye says

      If your hair is light it will not make to much of a difference. However it can get darker so it is best to do the roots as needed. Then as it fades do the entire head again.

  4. Stephanie says

    I ordered the alma and am hoping to get a bit more information about the process before test strands (as they will still be attached to my head).

    About how long did you leave this henna/alma mix in?

    Was there significant oxidation over a couple of days? What tone (pinker, darker, redder, browner?) did it turn, if it turned at all? Thank you!

    • moondye says

      All of our dyes are 1 hour. But makes sure you mix in the henna accordingly. 3 parts amla and 1 part henna will make a light blond.

  5. Jane says

    My hair color doesn’t seem to fall under any color. I have been golden mixed blonde all my life, until out of sun last 10 years. Now i am ash blonde/ brown. No chestnut . Closest I can see is the color harvest blonde. What color or colors should I be using? I want to highlight my blonder tones. Can you give me a recipe, directions of how to proceed?

    • moondye says

      What color are you trying to highlight?
      Our dyes will not go lighter only darker. If you already have high lights they will be lighter than the color of the other hairs.

  6. Jane says

    P.S. I much prefer premixed hair color. So if I need to mix colors, ammia ,etc. amounts (not just parts1:3′ whatever) would be helpful. I have long, thick just below shoulders length hair.
    Thank you,

    • moondye says

      We pioneered pre-mixed colors. But for the blond it is the only way at the moment.

      3 to 1 is easy and everyone has a different length. So in your case 3/4 cup amla and 1/4 cup henna.

  7. Jane says

    More info: I’m really trying to figure out my hair color in words, as I haven’t come up with anything clear before. Saw picture in category “Before”. As you scroll down, there is a woman with very long wavy hair showing her back. 1 side appears more blonde (right) and left appears more brown. I am more the left side color with the right side mixed in. Hope this helps. Plus I will do some lightening techniques before I actually do henna dye.

  8. Jane says

    Trying to use forum and am clueless how to do so. (Now a member. )
    So here’s my questions: what are the color options for ash tones-Brown/Blonde. Former natural blonde. Never have used hair dye. No gray or white. Do not want to go darker. Please respond.
    Thank you

  9. Nicole says

    Still curious when this product will be available I am a natural blond, I am very interested in the beach blond as well. Will it condition my hair or just color it?

    • moondye says

      It will do both. You can purchase our amla and henna and mix your own. It is going to be a while until the final package comes out.

  10. AroundTheHair says

    Stunning color, and brilliant shine, too! This is a very natural looking blonde, and it is beautiful. I’ll have to look this up and see if maybe I want to try it out for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Kaoele says

    I have a natural dirty dishwater slightly ashy blonde with some sparkly golden strands. Would either of theses mixtures do anything to my color?

    10 years ago my hair was such a beautiful blonde and I don’t ever want to use chemicals again. I will stick to my ugly color before I ever dye it with the chemical filled box crap again. My hair has been thinning and falling out. It is also very brittle. Parts of my scalp are extremely dry and other parts ridiculously oily. The very tips of my hair are the only healthy part and they were dyed with your (natural red) henna 2 years ago. That was the last time I colored it but I don’t want to be red again or this icky color I have now if there is a solution.

    • moondye says

      This will work as long as your hair is light in color. We are getting great results. Good for you not using chemicals! It is good for a women to shed hair and is very natural. You should see hair in the shower each time you shampoo.

  12. Jacquelyn Fellows says

    Great job Henna Hut! I’ve been using your henna dye for 4 years now and have been happy with the ease and quality of your products. I made the recipe for 3 parts amla and 1 part henna and put in on my medium to dark brown hair to cover my grey hair and got lovely blonde highlights! I’m going to try 2:1 next time. What I really want though is light brown highlights with no red….do you think if I mixed 3 parts amla with your dark brown henna I could achieve that? (over time dark brown henna made my brown hair too dark, medium made my grey bright red!)

  13. Clara Heredia says

    Hi hennahut, my hair is more pepper than salt, can I just get only harvest blond henna on my grays or they going to color also the pepper part…

  14. Karen says

    few question about the beach blonde. Will it still shine red in the sun, do you dye release the henna, and what will it dye darker hair. Will you get a red tint?


    • moondye says

      You should not get a red tint. But keep in mind you have to bleached blond to start or have white hair.

  15. Bruce Barber says

    I would like to order your harvest blond hair and beard do I go about doing this.
    Many thanks
    Bruce Barber

  16. Pamela says

    I have been using the light brown for years and have a couple packages of that left. Is it possible to mix that with the Amla 3:1 to get an ashier beach blonde? Or would you not recommend that?

  17. Blonde not red says

    With the Harvest Blonde color – will the amla eventually wash out like indigo would, and leave just the red from the henna behind? I have done the strawberry blonde many times, but don’t want to go red again. That was too orange on me.

    • moondye says

      It all depends on your hair. While testing it it was very permanent. There is so little red in it it should not make a matter of a difference.

  18. Jacquelyn Fellows says

    Hi! Any updates on when you will release the blonde henna? And I’m so disappointed that you have been out of Amla for so long too. I’ve been using your recipe for almost a year now and am very happy!!! Unfortunately I’ve been having to buy my Amla from another company since yours has been out of stock. And by the way yours is much better! I have naturally dark brown hair, and have been covering my gray hair with your blonde 3:1 recipe, and it looks like expensive blonde highlights. Can’t wait until I can buy it from you! Wishing you the best, Jacquelyn

    • moondye says

      We are waiting on new labels to be printed. The FDA gave us some grief about bringing it in. So please check back should be very soon!

  19. Cyndi says

    I tried the LIGHT BROWN henna, mixing it with warm water, to a yogurt like consistency. Applied to my hair and put a shower cap on for 1 hour. When I rinsed my hair out, it was a carrot orange. I’ve tried adding Amla to the Light Brown henna, but it just lightened the orange. Should I add a little Indigo henna to get rid of the orange? I really want a light brown.

    • Harvest Moon says

      Orange when you rinse is OK, it will darken up over night, make sure you give it enough time. I am working on a ash blond. Amla was good choice, however it can/should be mixed with it from the beginning.

  20. johnny says

    Check your Facebook page. You’ve upset many really good customers. I think you owe everyone a helluva an apology. No emails answered, no phone messages answered. Great product but lousy way to run a business.

    • Harvest Moon says

      Hi Johnny, she should be in jail is what she should be and an apology. My name is Rod Harper, the original founder. I got back and she made a hell of a mess. Not only did she take me for hundreds of thousands and leave me homeless, she took advantage of the customers. You can read about it here:, for 2.5 years I fought to get it back. I finally won. Ive been through hell and back, but I am so glad to be back.

  21. moonrise says

    Can I make my hair blond with henna? like first photo above! I have light-nrown now but I have always dremt to be blonde.

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