Harvest Moon Henna Hair Dye

I received the product so fast..day and a half and already have completed the henna color last night(Burgundy). I didn’t see any other email on your site except this one to send before & after photos..!:) so I wish you do post them to your site…because I started out all bleached damaged blonde and ended up with dark burgundy in just one hour. I went to 12 different doctors and the emergency room before finding and talking to the folks here. I did not know chemical hair dye was giving me a bad reaction. The bad reaction was me not being able to swallow. Thank you, Harvest Moon and Rodney, for helping me find such a wonderful solution!

Thanks a lot, I love it and will order once a month! I include 3 photos…#1.before henna…(did eyebrows too)#2 one hour after, hair still wet and indoors nighttime,#3…next morning,(this morning) my window, sunlight and color darkened.

Susan Before Deep Red Henna Hair Dye

Before Deep Red Henna Hair Dye


Susan After Using Harvest Moon Deep Red on Bleached Blond


Susan.M. Alexandria, Va
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