My Hair is Growing Faster

I purchased the hair dye in burgundy and I LOVE IT!

My “before” picture was after I had colored my hair with henna powder from brand “x” and Turkish coffee, which really messed it up. I have black hair (I’m Asian) and this method turned my hair a faded brown. My “after” picture,is after using your burgundy hair dye. It gave me the exact color I wanted! I will definitely purchase from you again, without a doubt! Not only did I get a wonderful color, my hair is extremely healthy and seems to be growing out really fast! I have been recommending your product to everyone who asks about my awesome hair!

Before using burgundy henna hair dye

Before using burgundy henna hair dye


After Fixing My Hair From Other Henna Hair Dye Brand

T.N. La Jolla, CA

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