Wholesale Natural Henna Hair Dye

Infinite Earth gets many inquiries for whole sale products. We do sell wholesale, you can sell on your website, social media or however you choose. All of our labels and product meet the proper import/EPA paper work,and FDA specifications.

Prices fluctuate according to volume. Simply put, the more you buy the cheaper it gets. Infinite Earth is the leading supplier for natural hair dye on the market. Our dye succeeds any henna hair dye on the market without using chemicals. Years of research and testing has helped us create a product that is fast and works incredibly well.

Sell Natural Hair Dye and Expand Your Customer Data Base

If you own a salon, store front or shop, website or blog, you can start making money from a fast growing market without the guess work. This is a added bonus to your other products or if you want to make extra money. If you do not want to carry product you an sign up for our affiliate program and just post a link and get 20% commission on sales from the link you post on a website,social media or even emails
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