Henna Hair Dye Trouble Shooting

Our products work on 99.9% of the people who use them. If the henna hair dye does not work for any reason we can usually fix the issue. Follow the directions on the product. We are getting a lot of people reading blogs on the net and using their own formula to mix the products.
Our dye is super simple once you get the hang of it. Most get it first time around.
Below is a list of what NOT to do while using Harvest Moon Hair Dye:

1. Do not use a leave in conditioners. It coats and suffocates your hair and strips the dye and keeps it from working as well, wash out conditioner is OK after 48 hours..
2. Do not use oil treatments. It stops your natural oil production. It clogs your pores and strips the dye.
3. Do not mix in any other ingredients UNLESS otherwise advised by a Harvest Moon Specialist. Especially Indigo.
4. Do not use bottled water, distilled water or any water from any source other than your faucet.
5. Do not let the hair dye set on the counter for long periods of time before applying accept red orange. If you let it set out, one hour is more than enough.
6. Do not use hair straighteners hot irons, or chemical hair straighteners.
7. Do not use alcohol products. Aftershave, drinking alcohol, distilled water; hair products with alcohol (not all but some) can cause your hair to turn purple if using browns and or burgundy.
8. Do not use products with salt (sodium)! Chemical dandruff shampoo is high in sodium sulfates , salt water pools (chlorine pools are OK), leaking water softeners (also bad for your health). Some times ( not all times) salt can turn it green over a long period of exposure.
9. Do not wait longer than 48 hours to wash your hair once you have rinsed it out. 24 hours is a good number. Over 48 hours can result in multi colored hair.
10. Do not use a heater to dry your hair while the dye is on your head!
11. Do not wrap your head with anything while the dye is on. Let it dry naturally. If you use a shower cap cut a hole in the top so air can get to it.
12. Do not leave the product on for more than 2 hours! Unless otherwise told different by a Harvest Moon specialist. 1 hour is recommended or less.
13. Do not do entire head over and over with dark colors as it will get darker and darker. Do root touch ups to maintain color and after 3-4 months or when hair fades do entire head.People using reds or black it is ok to do the entire head as often as you like.
14. Do not freeze left over products. Place in zip lock baggy, squeeze out air and store in a dark place (cigar box, shoe box, under counter). It will last up to 9 months
15. Do not apply beard dye without cleaning beard dye with toothbrush or beard brush and soap. Not doing so will result in the beard dye not working.
16. Do not apply to dirty hair. Wash hair twice just prior to application with shampoo. No conditioner until after application. Never use “leave in” conditioners.
17. Do not use hot irons,flat irons/hot iron gels with in 2-3 weeks after or before using natural hair dye. Hot irons damage your hair so they are already bad, but they also kill the protein and the pores. You need these to help the dye bind to your hair. Hot iron/flat irons will strip the color and keep it from binding to the hair.